Illustration / Graphic design

// Epicureanism poster

Philosophy module assignment

// Africa’s Human Development Index

// Poster

The Silent Emergency: The Poverty Cycle in Africa

World Vision

// Motion Graphic Collective - We Are Blithe Lines

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Projection (LED)

LED Projection for National Day Parade ‘Majulah’ 2011 Act 3

Client : NDP Singapore 2011

Watch it during the Parade or read about it here !

Identity / Rebranding

// Corporate namecard

Logo and Businesscard redesigned

Client:  Digitell Solutions Pte Ltd

// Nanyang Polytechnic Rebranding Pitch

Logo design and collaterals

Nanyang Polytechnic

// Promo video - Rainforest Conservation Starts With You

Educational promo video for Singapore Zoological Gardens (Feb 2011)

Creating awareness on deforestation and biodiversity loss happening to Southeast Asia’s tropical rainforests, and focusing on wildlife conservation by the Singapore Zoo.

Client : Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Nominated Top 10 finalists in 13th TBS DigiCon6 Awards

Music Video

Travel Tales music video - Bittersweet

Concept to Post-production: 2d graphics and illustrations, 3d low-poly elements composited with live-action footage.

Client: Travel Tales

Music Video Showcase at  * scape

// King Kong Jane Music Video - Go Away

An experimental 3 min music video for local indie band King Kong Jane.

Short Film

Civic Life: Singapore

An ongoing series of short films exploring cinematically the relationship between community and place.

Where the Heart Is : Sungei Rd

 From the 1930s to the present, the road has been synonymous with the Thieves’ Market, the largest and oldest flea market in Singapore, where the locals can hunt for second-hand goods, as a cheap replacement for one’s faulty or lost item. This is where Rag-and-Bone men ( Karang guni ) sell their 2nd hand products at insanely cheap prices. Despite its long history and tenacity, the flea market’s days are numbered as the site, sitting on a huge chunk of state land about the size of a football field, is slated for redevelopment by the Housing Development Board in the near future. Sungei Road is where the heart is, a place that matters to Singaporeans.

// Chevrolet Advert

Concept to Production: Filming, 2d graphics, 3d graphics, Compositing, Colour Grading

MoFilm competition

Kranji Countryside Association rebranding campaign

Promo posters


3D models of chess pieces and chessboard, composited with waterfall image in photoshop.

Modeling, Texturing, Lighting.

Software: 3ds Max, Adobe Photoshop

National Geographic

TV channel Lowerthird and Programme line-up

Youth Olympic Games Rebrand

Channel bug

Station ID opening


YOG Rebranding Collaterals

TV Channel Branding

Conceptualization of Brand Message & Promise, Logo design, Channel implementations on air/off air

A channel dedicated to art & design,showcasing programmes to inspire aspiring designers and those in the design industry. Keeping viewers updated with trends in fashion, architecture and graphic design.

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